3rd ELIC Meeting Ostrava

On the 6th and 7th of December, the ELIC partners came together to the 3rd ELIC meeting, which was hosted by TUO in Ostrava.

We startet the meeting with presentations of the finalized training curriculum (IO3 – hosted by HSD) and the promotional video (IO7 – hosted by Cramars). The main part of the meeting was dedicated to the MOOC (IO4 – hosted by FHJ) and we focused especially on

  • the structure of the MOOC modules,
  • the content development in two workshops,
  • the development of various assignments for the MOOC participants,
  • and the implementation of feedback from our school partners.

Further, the final ELIC conference was planned which will take place in Graz in 2019. More information on the conference is coming soon!

The meeting was very frutiful and we had a great interdisciplinary exchange among all partners. The consortium is looking forward to presenting you more about the upcomin ELIC MOOC! 🙂