The 2nd ELIC Meeting took place on 12th and 13th of April in Düsseldorf / Germany an was hosted by HS Düsseldorf.

The main focuses of this meeting were:

  • the finalization of the needs and GAP analysis (IO1 – leb by TUO)
  • the creation and finalization of the skill card (IO2 – led by ISCN)
  • the introduction and discussion of tasks for the training curriculum (IO3 – led by HSD) and
  • first discussions and information on the MOOC on engineering literacy (IO4 – led by FHJ)

The interactive exchange among higher education partner institutions, training providers and teachers from secondary schools was very fruitful and the consortium is looking forward to the creation of the MOOC.

Stay tuned to receive more information about the MOOC on engineering literacy!